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Use WhatsApp Without Number (No SIM Required)

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Use WhatsApp Without Number No SIM Required

This article will guide you to use WhatsApp without a phone number. That means you do not need a SIM to create an account.

Before that let me explain the logic and trick behind it.

How does it work without a phone number?

The trick is that you can use free virtual numbers to register on WhatsApp .it is like using someone else’s number but for registering your own account.

Virtual numbers are almost like real number from different countries but it is not connected to a sim card. it is provided by various companies. It can be used to call, and receive messages, verification codes, voice mails, etc.  So virtual numbers are rental, you have to pay a subscription to get these virtual numbers.

So what do you get from this article?

You will get free virtual phone numbers to use on WhatsApp and Without any SIM you can register multiple accounts.

follow the steps given below.

You can also watch the video tutorial here:

1. Download the TextNow app.

Download the TextNow app.

It provides free virtual or fake numbers from Canada and USA to its residents. It is not available in other countries.

So, Click here to download the old version of TextNow Mod Apk. Then install it. Do not open it yet.

2. Use a VPN to connect to Canada’s IP

Download Canada And USA VPN

Go to the play store and download any Vpn App. Then connect to a Canada IP address server.

Click here to download the Vpn App that I personally use.

3. Turn off your location

Turn off your location on Phone

Go to your phone location setting and turn it off. I recommend you also turn on airplane mode and connect your internet through wifi. Then connect VPN.

4. Sign Up

Sign up with TextNow App

Now you have to sign up with TextNow App. Provide a random email address or provide any email address if you want to keep your number in the future.

5. Give an area code

Now click on the Don’t Use location. Then use the code given below.

Use 416 or 514 as the area code and TextNow will give you a list of free Canada numbers.

Then Select one number from the list. You can use it as your own virtual number.

6. Register

Use free number you got from TextNow, then use it to register on WhatsApp

Now copy the free number you got from TextNow, then use it to register on WhatsApp selecting Canada as the country.

Get Verification Code via CALL WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp will a code to the number but You won’t receive a code, So you have to wait some time. Then use the call option to get the verification code.

Code for WhatsApp verification

Then wait and keep checking your TextNow App you will get an incoming call or a Voice mail. Then listen to the code and use it for WhatsApp verification.

Free WhatsApp Without Using Your Own Number

Now that’s it. With the help of a free virtual number, You got a WhatsApp account.

To create multiple accounts, You have to get more free numbers! Clear the app data of TextNow and Repeat the above process.

Important Notes:

#Try to use a common email service Gmail or Hotmail.

#If you are trying to get multiple numbers then make sure that you have to change Canada VPN IP then delete the data of TextNow and signup.

#Do not try to get more than 3 numbers in one day. there is a chance you may get banned by TextNow.

Do you know that you can activate more than one Wp on your phone? Just use an app cloner.

Now let’s discuss the problems people are facing while signing up on Textnow.

Fix If TextNow Not Working

Here are some common problems with solutions that people face during signup.

TextNow is unavailable in your country

If it says it is not available in your country, Then fix it by using a Canada VPN. I have already explained this above. Scroll up the article and read carefully before signing up.

Too many Requests

If you are continuously signing up in TextNow with random and temporary emails then it will block you. Try to use a legit working mail id that does not look spammy.

And if you ever get too many requests notification then stop it right there. Wait for a day or two days to sign up again.

Thanks for reading this article! Do not forget to share with your friends. Let them also know.

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