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Facebook has introduced the Disappearing Message feature for its official instant messaging app Whatsapp. With this new feature, users can enable displaying messages for chat which will disappear in the next seven days. This new feature was teased in the beta update but the company has now also released it globally.

The company said in its blog post, “Our goal is to make in-person close feel on WhatsApp.” That’s why we are eager to bring our Dispensing Message feature on WhatsApp. “

As mentioned above, enabling the Disappearing Message feature will disappear after seven days when a new message is sent.

How to switch the feature of deleting a message on WhatsApp

  • Open whatsapp chat
  • Tap on contact name here
  • Now tap on dispensing message
  • Tap on continue when asked
  • Now select On.

How to turn off message disappearance feature on WhatsApp

  • Chat is not disabled once disabled.
  • Open whatsapp chat for this
  • Tap on contact name
  • Tap on dispensing message here
  • Tap on continue when asked
  • Now select off.

Note that once you turn on the Disappearing Message feature, the time to delete the message cannot be changed.

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