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What is Vpn ,How It Works :How To Install On Devices

  • What is
what is vpn

If You Are A Daily Internet User, You Must Have Heard About Vpn. if you have no idea about it then I am pretty sure after reading this article you will know What is VPN, How it Works, benefits, Disadvantages of it, and also know how to install. Everything covered in this article.

What Is Vpn

Full-Form Of Vpn Is Virtual Private Network, so it’s a private network with the help of which we can access any restricted website which is region-based. It changes your Public IP Address. For example, Suppose Facebook is banned in India, you can still access Facebook or any banned site using a VPN. That’s how it works; now you have an idea about it in your brain, right! 

what is vpn

what is vpn

How It Works 

Whenever you connect a VPN application, it changes your Ip Address to a Different Ip Address.

When you connect the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider, eg. airtel, bsnl, Vodafone, any internet services) automatically gives you an Ip Address so that you can access the internet.

Suppose you are from India or any country; your IP is according to your country, which is provided by your isp.

So when a website (like ding dong website you know what I mean 😉😈), blocked in your country or any region, it means your IP address of the blocked. You can not access that particular website.

When you connect a VPN in your device, it changes your Ip Address. it turns your public IP address to a different country IP address. So that when you connect a Vpn application, it asks you to select a Country location So that it will connect you an IP address from that country.

Example to understand, How Vpn Works :

-Suppose Facebook or any website is blocked in my country (India). It means My IP Address is blocked (Obviously An Indian IP)

-Now when I connect to the VPN, I change my Ip Address to an American IP address, or any other country’s Ip Address

-It means I changed my public IP address to American Ip Address, Now the blocked website will open or can be accessed.

-Because the blocked website, only blocked in my country only, Not in another country.

So suppose there are countries like (A, B, C, D)

If Website is blocked in country A,

You can access the blocked website using an Ip address of B, C, D

It Means You Are Pretending To Be A Internet User Of Another Country But Staying Inside Your Country using a VPN service.

So basically, a Vpn is a useful thing if you are an internet user, Not Because it can allow you to access the blocked website.

The primary motto of  Vpn Services is to protect your data.

Every product or anything always has its own pros and cons, Likewise, let’s discuss the advantages and Disadvantages of Using a VPN

Benefits Of  Vpn

  • you can browse any restricted or blocked website using VPN.
  • If you are using public wi-fi, You must use a VPN so that the data can travel through a protected layer. By using a VPN, encrypts your data packets.
  • If you see public wifi hotspots, someone can be fishing. Someone can easily steal your password or any credential that you use on a website, Using that wifi. So it is very, very important to use a Vpn.
  • By using a VPN, you can stay anonymous. It means no one can track you. You can safely browse every website.
  • Nowadays you can get a VPN for free easily. Many companies provide you free VPN. You can find it on the internet.

Disadvantages of Vpn

  • Vpn slows down your internet speed because it to the servers which are located outside of your country.
  • If you are using a Free Vpn, There might be a Chance VPN provider can leak your browsing data.
  • Free VPN is very very slow. Due to a lot of people are using it.
  • you may see lots of ADS in the Free Vpn Application.
  • Premium VPN is very expensive to purchase.

So basically, we know above. Those are some main advantages and disadvantages of VPN, But overall you should use a VPN.

Steps To Install a VPN 

Install In Computer 

  1. Find the best VPN provider

    To use a VPN, you need to find a VPN provider. There are many VPNs on the internet. So that its hard to decide which one to use. watch YouTube videos or find reviews of different VPN

  2. Now go to the site of the VPN

    After deciding the right VPN, You can go to the site of VPN provider .if you need to sign up, then do according to their instructions. After that, Download the VPN client.

  3. Install the VPN client.

    After Downloading the VPN client, Install the VPN client . after that use your id account details to sign.

  4. Select the server location to connect

    After sign in, find the best server location to connect, For example -us, Indonesia, India, Japan, etc. etc. There will be many server lists location-wise .choose any and select to connect. That’s it.

Install On Smartphone

  1. Go to play store and find a Free or Paid VPN.
  2. Download and VPN app and install it.
  3. After installing it select any server and your VPN is now connected.


So In this article, I covered the basic knowledge about a VPN such as; What is it, how it works, What are the advantages and disadvantages, And how to install VPN on PC and smartphones. I hope you will like this article. Share with your friends if you wish.