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How To Type In Hindi In Whatsapp

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How To Type In Hindi In Whatsapp - Full Guide ,Step By Step

Follow the steps to type in Hindi in WhatsApp :

1. Go to the settings on your Android phone

First of going to the settings of your android smartphone and then go to the “additional settings” if available, If not available then try to find ‘System ‘, If you are still unable to find it then go to the search box which is on the top, Then Search “languages & Input” click on that.

2. Customize Language Input Setting

After selecting you will see the current keyboard option, Under input Methods, You will see the current keyboard app that you are using. Click on that and you have to select Gboard. If it is already selected then leave it as it is. If Gboard Is not available then you can download from the play store.

3. Add the Hindi language on the Gboard

After setting your current keyboard to Gboard, then select on Gboard you will see another option ‘Languages’, tap on that and you will see the installed languages on Gboard, Now  On Below you will see an option “add keyboard” or ” add a language “.  Now You will see a lot of languages, Search Hindi language and add it to Gboard.

4. Now To type in Hindi

Open any messenger app or open WhatsApp, Open a chat, and the keyboard will appear,  you will see on the space bar it is showing you as English, Means it is currently in English we have to change it to Hindi so that we can type in Hindi. Now select the globe-type icon which is on the left side of the spacebar. After tapping on it you will see your spacebar on the keyboard will show HT.EN or Hindi. It means you will be able to type in Hindi now.

Just start typing in Hindi in English letters and it will automatically convert your typed words into Hindi letters, It automatically converts your typed words in Hindi and automatically types on your chat.

Here is an example to type in Hindi ;

If i have to type :”हेलो जी कैस हो”

I will type : “Hello ji kaise ho ” on Gboard , It will automatically convert in to hindi -हेलो जी कैस हो

To change back to the English language, Again tap on that Globe type icon which is on the left side of the spacebar.I hope now you got the idea about typing in Hindi on Whatsapp. You can also type in Hindi on any other messenger app or system messaging app.

Here is the Tutorial video: