Starting A Blog ?-9 Ridiculous Working Tips for Beginners 2020

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If you are starting a blog and not getting any traffic, then what is the point of making a blog or website, its just a waste of time and money. So anyway! Here are some excellent working tips that helped people growing their blog insanely.

Just read loudly and understand what I am trying to saySo hello, everyone! Welcome to Testedtrick! Today, I’m going to cover some essential blogging tips that every full time working blogger knows and always remember.

So these are the tips given below if you are starting a blog and want organic traffic.

1. Be a better writer, If You are Starting a blog.

So first thing first no matter how good looking design is your website theme when it comes to content if you do not know how to write it means you are making boring posts. visitors won’t like it they may leave if it is not fun to read!

Stay focused on what topics your website is about, do not copy-paste another post in your blog, people will definite like your content if it is unique and very focused on the targeted topics.  you need to be master on writing qood content which includes your unique ideas.

So It is obvious that you need to be good at writing.You can visit big news websites to see how their authors write content on daily basics.

write on blog

write on blog

2. Create Good quality content.

The most important thing is writing good and quality content. If your posts are full of unnecessary content then why anyone would take interest in reading.

that’s you you need to make sure that you are writing quality content. Search engines always prefer unique and quality content to show in their search result first.

Never ever copy from another blog or website, You can get the ideas from them but do not try to copy, If something is already present in the internet , Then why search engine would show your content in search results?

Just think! Just write quality content so that people will definitely read ! and your ranking will also definitely improve eventually.

Unique content

Unique content

3. Create a unique and attractive image.

This is very obvious that everyone likes an attractive image to see. If your created images or thumbnail are attractive and worth seeing, Visitors will definitely click on it and see your posts.

So make sure you need to keep eyes on your images. If it is just full of texts or just random or irrelevant images to your content no one will click on it.

There are many websites like canva, pics monkey where you can create an amazing picture for your article or content.
Just spend a few minutes and create images that are worth clicking.



4. Make your blog content easy to read.

Now let me tell you that if you write content with difficult words which are hard to understand, Then people have to find the meaning of it first, So they have to search it again. So prefer writing in a way that everyone who visits your site can understand.

I am not saying you are not writing unique and quality content, But what is the point if it is not easy to understand. So This is a very important thing to consider when writing content.

In some cases, you can give examples to make visitors understand.

Easy to read

Easy to read

5. Do Keyword Research for SEO.

Now let me tell you some basics knowledge of getting high traffics on your blog. If you are planning to gain traffic means more visitors, You have to write on that kind of topic which is people constantly searching on the internet .

You need to do keyword research first before creating an article, There are different websites with the help of which you can know what type of keywords people are putting on the search tab. Which terms are most searched on the internet .

Keyword Research -SEO of Blog

Keyword Research -SEO of Blog

6. Optimize Basic on-page SEO.

If your article or blog post page taking too much time to open or load, Then visitors will leave and find other blogs that are fast.

keep in mind that you are not the only one creating content, there are millions of webpages that are already created by someone else.

So you need to work on your website, You need to keep clean your posts, There should not be very much Ads on your page or Extra codes, It takes time to load.

You need to work on your On-Page Seo to make sure it is perfect for search engine crawlers to find and Index.

If you are using WordPress then you can use any Seo plugins, There are a lot of free plugins you can search and install on your website, just watch their tutorials and those plugins will take care of your Seo.

I recommend you to use Yoast or rank math, These two are the most popular plugins and User friendly.



7.Use of social media.

Yes, You can use your social media to share your content with the internet . social media plays a vital role in sharing content on the internet .

After posting any content on your blog make sure to share the links on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, etc etc,

You can create your official webpages for your website so that people can follow for recent post updates. It is one of the main sources of traffic to your blog .Share as much as possible .never hesitate.

social media

social media

8. Notify your Visitor with email.

Now the next thing you can do is you can notify your constant visitors or your blog subscribers with email every time a new post is being published on your website So that your visitors can stay updated with your new content.

You can use several email plugins.

Email Newslatter for Blog

Email Newsletter for Blog

9. Promote content as much as possible.

why companies promote their products on television , radio, or any public platforms? They invest millions of dollars in promoting their products .

The thing is if no one knows about your website content then why someone would visit? So, Share with your blog with your friends, There are various online communities you can share your link.

Just promote your blog as much as possible and you will see the traffic growth which is beneficial for you if you want to monetize and earn revenue. It is a very much plus point.

Promote Blog Website

Promote Blog Website

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