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Start A Blog :4 Surprising Truth To Know (Beginner’s Guide)


Are you ready to start a blog? then you need to know these 4 basic things that can make your website or blog to grow and get organic traffic.

There are millions of Websites and blogs, Whey searching would rank your blog in the first searching page result? Did you ever think about that, I will tell you How to Avoid mistakes that every beginner make.

The reason for posting this article is to make give you some basic ideas to grow your website or blog. By keeping these things in your mind before starting a blog can help a lot.

4 Basic Things Before: Start A Blog

So here are some basic tips and advice to always remind before starting a blog, So that you can stop writing blindly without concerning the SEO or performance of your post or article. If you write content without acknowledging these points, It can affect your side in a negative way which is obviously not good for any website or blog. So have a look below.

#1 Search Engines Do Not Index Every Page

As you know there are millions of webpages on the internet on the same topic. If you search for a topic or using any keywords you can find a lot of webpages that are very similar. And visitors always prefers the first page of search result. The find their content which is shown on the first page of the search engine. if that page does not satisfy the visitor then he or she will move to another page of another website obviously.

The purpose of telling this is every search engine, Shows the webpages on the top, which are worth reading for users.

When you pick a topic for your blog, you need to understand that there are already pages which are already published by the different blog. if you post the same article with the same meaning and content which are already posted by many bloggers or website, Then think why would any search engine rank your page on top.

if the same title already presents in the Search engines database, it will be considered as a kind of duplicate. And there is a chance your page URL might not be indexed by the Search engine like Google. So what you need to know is given below

#2 Content Is the king: To Rank A Blog

yes, you heard it right If you are starting a blog then make sure every article you post should be unique and meaningful. So that search engine can understand it what you are trying to say.

So as you know there are a lot of web pages already on the internet make it different so that search engine.

Never ever copy articles from different sources, like other websites and blogs. Nowadays a lot of bloggers I mean new bloggers what they do is: They copy articles from another website and they rewrite it using different kinds of spinbot tools present on the internet.

Do not do that that will cause you a negative impact on your website or blog, so you need to start writing yourself.

You can use a voice typing tool that can help to write your content in a fast way you do not need to type by yourself like using your keyboard and type that would take some time to type something so.

You can get ideas from different websites like what are they posting on which topic .you can get the idea and write an article on the topic, but make sure you are not copying there the whole article that will be considered as duplicate content and your post or article will not be indexed by search engines.

If you are applying for AdSense approval, they will check your content. If they think that your content is quality, then they will approve or otherwise why would they.

So moral of the story is you need to make quality as well as unique content for your blog.

#3 SEO of Website (Search Engine Optimization)

When it comes to the Seo of website, Search Engine Optimisation one of the main factors that can improve your blog or website, or you can say it can enhance your website performance.

There are a lot of SEO tools available on the internet; you can use one of them to improve the SEO of website.

If you are using WordPress, you can directly download the SEO plugin to increase the SEO of the website or blog.

To improve Seo of website, A lot of plugins are free to use you can download them or use them .there are also a lot of paid versions of SEO plug-ins.

All SEO plugins have almost the same features, but the thing is if you are taking the paid version of these plugins, You are going to get some extra features to improve your SEO.

I will discuss all the most popular SEO tools to increase SEO of websites, which are used by millions of peoples in a separate article, so this is just a general idea to guide you on how to improve your blog or website.

#4 Loading Speed of blog (Themes Of your Blog )

So if you have a WordPress blog or site I know you have tested like many themes for your blog. There are millions of WordPress themes to use OK. Some themes are like magazine-style some of them are like newspaper themes.

So when you think it is a good theme to use for your blog: You just think about how good looking or how pretty theme they are and after deciding a good theme you just install it.

Now the thing is if you see some big responsive beautiful theme it means it comes with heavy coding. And that means it would take a lot of time to load your website using that theme.

Now let me ask you a question would you like to visit a website that takes a lot of time to load.No !you don’t do that you just skip the website and find another similar website to look into.

So what I am trying to say is the loading speed of a website or a blog matters.

So if you are looking for a professional website looking theme for your blog, you need to keep in mind that heavy coded themes take a lot of time to load. I always recommend people to use a minimal theme for the WordPress blog.

I am not the only one saying it what a lot of SEO Exports recommends to use a minimal theme for blog or website. The benefits of a minimal theme are Not only the loading speed but it also helps search engines to index your blog faster.

Search engine like google also recommends people to use faster themes, Means low codded themes. So that the response time of the blog or your website would be minimum.

I am not saying that if you use a heavy theme for your website that would decrease the ranking of your pages, here I am talking about the website performance if you keep your SEO and your website loading performance in a balanced position then definitely there will be more chance to be in search results.


So these are the things that I want you to know so that you can improve your whole Blog or website performance. now before saying you to bye let me tell you that I will post articles based on these Four Points briefly and I will make tutorials for each of them so give visiting this website.

I hope you will like this post and if you think this post is informative to you please share it with your friends.