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Seed4me: 1 Year FREE VPN FOR Windows,Android,MacOS,iOS(2021)

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Seed4me: 1 Year FREE VPN FOR Windows,Android,MacOS,iOS(2021)

We share a promo code of Seed4me – Get 1 Year FREE VPN For Windows, Android,macOS and iOS (iPhone ). Redeem before it expires (2021).

What is Seed4me VPN?

Seed4me is a cheap premium VPN Service provider. According to its official website, it has 40+ VPN locations. The best thing about this VPN is that you can use one account on unlimited devices. There is no restriction.

Pricing :

Seed4me VPN is very cheap if you compare it with other VPN service providers. It will cost you 2.99 $ per month if you subscribe for 3 years, which is about $107.55 billed every 3 years. If you subscribe to a monthly plan, it will cost you 5 $ per month.

Here is the subscriptions price chart of Seed4me VPN:

Subscription Price
3 Year $107.55 = $2.99  per month
1 Year $36        =$3 per month
3 Month $10        =$3.33 per month
1 Month $5

How to download?

You can download the Seed4me VPN app for your Android device, Windows, Mac OS or iOS ( iPhone). Here is the download link of the seed4me Vpn App from the official site.

Redeem Coupon for 1 Year Free Subscription

  1. Go to the official website of seed4me and register.
  2. Now give your Email address and password to register.
  3. Use this promo code
  4. After that, Verify your email address and that’s it, You will see that your VPN is activated for 1 Year.  Enjoy.