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How To Screen Mirror Android To PC With Audio Via USB or WiFi(Wireless)

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Screen Mirroring Android To PC With Audio via USBWireless WiFi

Today I will tell you, How you can Cast or mirror your Android screen to pc with audio using USB and Wireless WiFi. You can also live-stream smooth 60fps lag-free android gameplay on YouTube, twitch, using this method.10

After reading this article, you will be able to cast any android screen to pc, and You do not need any paid software; this is free.  We are going to use open-source software. Here is the official link from Github.

How To Mirror Android Screen To Pc Using USB?

Screen Casting Or mirroring Android Screen to PC via a USB is very easy. You can do it for Free, with the highest video quality and High Frame Per Second (FPS), No lag at all, Smooth like butter!

Follow the steps below :

1. Download the required files (Scrcpy -Open Source Software )

We are going to use Scrcpy to cast/Mirror the Android screen to pc. It is open-source, hence free to download and use. Here are the download links and files you need to download on your pc.

2. Extract Scrcpy on PC

Extract Scrcpy on PC

After downloading the Zip File, Create a folder and copy it there. Now Right-click on it and extract the Scrcpy zip file.

3. Connect android phone to Pc via USB

Connect Your Phone With USB

it’s time to connect your Phone to Pc using a USB cable.

4. Enable Developer Options on your Android phone

Enable Developer Options

Now you have to enable developer options on your Android phone. And Enable USB Debugging, Install Via USB, And USB Debugging (security Setting )

Almost every phone brand has similar steps to enable it, but sometimes it differs in a different phone. You can google it now.

For example, if I have a Samsung Galaxy 20 Phone, I do not know how to enable the Developer option.  I will search on google: “How to enable developer option Samsung Galaxy.”

Very simple, Search any Guide or tutorial from YouTube and Enable your developer options.

Allow USB Debugging

After connecting, it will allow USB Debugging in your phone. Just tap on ok.

5. Final Step to Mirror/Cast Android Screen To PC

Final Step Mirror Android Screen To PC Via USB

Now Go to the folder where you extracted the Scrcpy Zip file; Click on the Scrcpy.Exe file; that’s it. You will see your android screen on your Windows Pc. Whatever you will do on your phone, It will be displayed On your PC.

If you want to full screen, play any application on full screen or screen rotate in your phone, and you can see your FULL Screen on your pc. You will see high video quality, lag-free. Smooth.

If you are a Gamer or Streamer, this open-source software is Best for you because you can Broadcast Or Live Stream your Android Gameplay on any platform like youtube, twitch in the Highest quality. Via USB.

So this is how you can cast your android screen on pc without any software for free via USB.

This Open-source software also supports wireless screen casting /mirroring, and If your PC/System has Wifi, you can cast your Android Screen to PC via Wifi. Read below to know how to do that.

How To Mirror Android Screen To Pc Using Wifi /Wireless?

As said earlier, Scrcpy now supports wireless screencasting. First of all, if you tried mirroring Via USB using Scrcpy, then,

Here is how you can Mirror/Cast Android Screen To PC via Wifi/Wireless :

  1. First of all, do not unplug your USB from Your Pc. Yet, Because for the first time, we need it to be connected.
  2. Connect Your Phone With Wifi to the same network that your computer is connected to.
  3. Now go to the folder where you extracted the Scrcpy zip file, and on the file URL, type “cmd” and hit enter. A command prompt will appear.
  4. First, check your device is connected or not. Type ” adb devices.”
  5. Now we need to connect over TCP. So now type “adb tcpip 5555.
  6. After that, we have to connect to our phone, So type “adb connect +Ip address of your phone “.  Example: If my IP of the phone is, Then I would type “adb connect”
  7. Now command prompt should be saying it’s connected to your Ip.
  8. Now UNPLUG USB from your pc, and type “scrcpy” in the cmd, that’s it, You’re your android screen is being mirrored in your pc with Wifi.

Now the thing is, we are now just Mirroring android, our Android Screen into Pc; if you are lifestreaming your android gameplay, you need to provide game sounds, too, right?

Stream/Cast/Capture/Forward Android Audio to PC via Bluetooth

We can play our android music on pc connected to speakers or Monitor speakers; what I mean is we can forward our android audio to pc by the following method. You can use this audio for a live stream.

Follow the steps given below :

  1. Go to Microsoft Store and search for Bluetooth audio receiver.
  2. After downloading it, Go to your Bluetooth setting on your PC . and Enable Bluetooth on Your pc and your phone; now connect and pair.
  3. After pairing Bluetooth, Lunch the Bluetooth audio receiver and click on the open connection. 
  4. That’s it; every Audio/Music you play on your phone will be played on your pc.

If you want to Cast/, Mirror your android screen with audio, then connect your phone with Pc with WiFi and Bluetooth explained above. I hope you will like this article. If you found out helpful, please share it with your friends.