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How To Remove Gmail Account From Android Phone

Remove Gmail Account From Android Phone

Know-How To Remove Gmail Account From Android Phone.

In this short article, I will tell you to step by step with pictures to remove the Gmail account from the android phone.

Millions of people use android phones,use social media as well. 80% of internet users use Gmail as the primary email address for the work purpose or any other purpose.

We use Gmail on daily basics to access different websites as the login credentials, We use Gmail for singing up any app or applying any official form. So Gmail is necessary for everyone nowadays.

Gmail is free to use Email. it is the safest email for everyone service provided by the google tech giant. you just have to sign up for it and get a Gmail account and you can use it anywhere as your own personal email address.

Now as we know most people use android phones, We know we need a google account to sign in to the android device for Security purposes. If you lost your phone password you can get a recovery code by google to re-login to your phone .

Your Android phone requires a google account or Gmail Account to access the google products Such as youtube, Even social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, requires an email or Gmail to sign up for their services.

You need to give Gmail account on an android phone if you want to download daily necessary Apps from the google play store for your phone.

Anyways the thing is you need to have a Gmail account in your android phone to experience the whole android Services.

Now the thing If you want to change your phone or you want to give your phone to someone else, Then You just need to remove your Gmail account from your phone first , Because it contains a lot of necessary information about yours.

So we all use Gmail on our phone , but when it comes to the removal of Gmail from the phone, We do not know.

Well, you do not need to worry about it! I will guide you to remove your Gmail account from your phone,

Follow the Steps to Remove Gmail Account From your Phone

First Go to the Settings of your Android Phone, You will see there will be a lot of settings, You have to Scroll down below and find Accounts Setting.
Then click on that.

Click On the Accounts

Click On the Accounts

After that, You have to Select Google Account , in order to Remove Gmail Account , It Will Show all Gmail accounts that are In use on your Phone.

Select Google Account

– Select Google Account

Now the Next Step is to Selet the Specific gmail account that you want to remove from your phone .

Select the Gmail -You want to Remove

Select the Gmail -You want to Remove

The Next step is to find the option for Removal of Gmail account , In my case i am Using Android 7.1 So , At the Right side on top You will see 3 Dots , Click on that to Expand the options .

Click on the Option

Click on the Option

Now the Final step , You can Remove gmail from your phone .

Click on the Remove Option

Click on the Remove Option

So , this is how you can Remove Gmail from your phone ,I hope you got what you were looking for .