PAN CARD CORRECTION ONLINE – With the help of Aadhaar [Updated]

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PAN CARD - Correction Online

Easy Step by step guide for Pan Card Correction Online. you can reprint and change information on your PAN card with the help of Aadhar number only. Read the full article to know.


If you want to apply for a new pan card Or If you already have a pan card but you want to do some corrections such as change name, date of birth, gender, parents’ name, etc. then you are in the right place. I will guide you with step-by-step how to do it online.

Requirements: Only your Aadhaar Card (Must be linked with a Phone number)

Now follow the steps below:

Visit the official website of NSDL,

Then click on the Online Pan Services. It will be located on the left side under the quick links menu.

Now click on the Paperless Pan Application. It will ask you to fill up “Online Pan Application

online pan application

Online Pan Application Form

Here you can Apply for a new Pan Card or You can do corrections in PAN. So let’s get started with Online pan Application:

Click on Application type. So click on “New PAN” or  Click on the “Changes and corrections on Existing Pan data”.

After that select category. If you are applying for yourself then select “Individual”

Then provide your Surname and first name, Date of birth, Email id, Phone number.

Then select “yes” on the Citizen of India option, Then give Existing Pan card (If you are doing correction)

After that, click on the consent button and fill in the captcha, and then click on the submit button.

Pan Card Token Number

Pan Card Token Number (can be used in case of internet interruption)

Now it will Generate a Token number. Save the token number, In case if your internet connection gets interrupted then you can re-apply the same form using the Token number

After that click on ” Continue with Pan card application form ”

 Application DOCUMENTS - e-KYC , E-SIgn

Submit Pan Card Application DOCUMENTS – e-KYC, E-SIgn

Now it will ask you to select a way to submit documents for the Pan Card Application. According to the application, There are 3 ways:

Option #1 – Submit digitally through e-KYC and e-Sign (Paperless)

In this option, there is now a requirement for any additional images. You just need an Aadhaar Number that is linked to a phone number. If you select this process, you will get a Pan card without a signature printed on the card. They will print the photo which is given on your Aadhaar card.

Option #2 – Submit Scanned Images through e-Sign

If you choose this option, You can update your Photo and signature too. You need to provide a recent picture and photo of your signature. A signature and a new photo will be printed on your new pan card. And yes ! you need an Aadhar number too for this process as a document to pan card.

Option #3 -Forward Application Documents physically.

If you select this option, You have to send a physical copy of your documents.

I Recommend you select option 2 because you can update your new picture on the pan card, And your signature will be printed on the card.

After that, Fill up the details such as Old pan card number (if you are doing corrections). Then you have to provide the last 4 digits of your Aadhaar Number.


In the Pan card Application Form, Tick mark if you want to change or update information

In the Pan card Application Form, Tick mark if you want to change or update information

You have to click or Tick mark only if you want to change some information, If you are applying for a new pan card You have to provide all the details it is asking for.

for example, I just wanted to do some corrections to my name on my previous pan card. So just had to provide only my correct name.

If you want to change information like date of birth, Fathers name, Surname, or other information that is printed incorrectly on your Old pan card, just tick mark and provide correct information and click on submit button.

After that, You have to provide your contact information.


 Address and Other Details

Fill Up Pan Card Contact – Address and Other Details

If you want to change or update your contact details here on this page. You can update or change address, Phone number, Email address. Do not tick a mark on anything if the address on your Aadhaar card is still the same.


Pan card Documents for the identification of proof of identity

supporting documents for the pan


Now you have to provide documents Such as Proof of Identity, Proof of Address, and proof of date of birth. Aadhar Card for all the documents and in the 4th option, Select nothing.

After that, you have to declare, Just fill up your name place, and details.

After that, you have to upload your signature and your current photo. your photo and signature will be printed on the card.

Accepted formats for the photo: JPEG, 200 DPI, Dimension should be 3.5×2.5cms and below 50KB. 

After adding the photos you can add your supporting documents below, For example, in my case, I had to add my Aadhar card in ‘pdf’ format. Make sure the documents should be in pdf format, without any password protection, and below 300KB. 

After that, you have to make a payment of INR 106.90 online.


After payment, it should be showing ” transaction Successful”.After that, we have to digitally give a signature on the form with the help Aadhar card.



Aadhar Card OTP and Signature Verification

Aadhar Card OTP and Signature Verification

As I mentioned earlier, the Aadhar card should be linked to a phone number. We have to verify through an Aadhar OTP just to confirm. After that, we have to digitally sign with the Aadhar number. Just put your Aadhar Number again and you have to send OTP and verify again.


Online Pan Application Successful for apply and correction

Online Pan Application Successful for New applying and correction

After the successful verification of your Aadhar, You can see that successful notification with a pdf file to download. A copy of this receipt will be sent to your given email address, so do not worry if you forget to download it.

The PDF file will be password protected and the password to open the pdf file is – Your Date of birth

For example – if my date of birth is 01/January/2021 then, my password will be – 01012021

That’s it, now you have successfully Applied for/Updated/Corrected the Pan card Successfully online using only Aadhar Card.

How To Check Pan Card Status?

Check Pan Card Status

Check Pan Card Status

follow the steps:

  1. Go to the official website of NSDL. 
  2. Click on the Online PAN Services.
  3. Then click on know status of PAN/TAN Application.
  4. Now select Application Type -New/Change Requests and put the acknowledgment number below it.
  5. You have to fill up a captcha code and then click on submit button.
  6. That’s it, You can now see your Pan Card Status.

N.B – Please note that it takes at least 24 hours to show your status.