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Claim FREE NETFLIX COOKIES (Limited Time) Of Premium Accounts To Watch Movies

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As a Giveaway, We are sharing free Netflix Accounts(usernames and passwords) on our website. On this page, you get Premium Netfllix Cookies to download movies and series for free.

So read the full article, on how to claim it. We are not rich so, we can not provide for everyone every day. we are sharing our accounts with some limited persons of our visitors. you can be that guy to get our premium accounts and start watching some Netflix series or movies for free.

Before that, I feel like I should give a little intro to Netflix.

Netflix is an Extremely popular media content provider where you can stream movies and thousand of tv series, and Original Netflix Web series. It is very much like Amazon Prime video but expensive. It costs almost 800 INR Per month if you want to subscribe to the Ultra HD plan.

So On this page, I will give some people to watch Netflix Premium accounts through cookies.

I have currently limited Netflix Premium Accounts, but in the future, I will increase the numbers. Anyways, If you want to watch Netflix movies for free, then you can use our cookies.

But before that, you should know how to use cookies.

Netflix Free Account Cookies

How To Use Netflix Cookies? (PC only) 

To use Netflix cookies, you should use the chrome browser and follow the  steps :

  1. Download the cookies Editor Browser in your browser.
  2. Now Download the cookies below from the download Section and copy them.
  3. Now go to the Netflix Sign-in page.
  4. Now click on the cookies Editor Extension in your browser, And the First Delete all the current cookies.
  5. After that, click on Import and paste our provided Netflix Cookies in the import box and hit enter.
  6. Now Reload the page; that’s it. Now you are ready to watch Netflix for free from our Premium Account.

Here is a Video How To use Cookies ( Proof Also Included ) :


Note that -I will Update cookies every 24 hours. This means once you get to log in using cookies, It will expire after 24 hours.

As I said earlier, I have limited Netflix accounts, So I can provide cookies to limited persons to watch Netflix free. So I got a solution for that. I will update every cookie every 24 hours. So you have to Bookmark this page in your browser, and you can join my telegram channel. When I update cookies, you will receive an alert.

Netflix Free Account (Cookies ) Download :

Currently, I have 3 Netflix Premium accounts, .so, at a time, 15 people can watch Netflix simultaneously. I will increase the number soon! Visit this page daily to get the cookie when it gets updated.

Join our telegram to get it quickly when I update cookies.

Netflix Cookies (Expires after every 24 Hours) Cookies Updated Time  Link
1 10 -may 2023 Get Cookies of Netflix Account 1
2 10 -may 2023 Get Cookies of Netflix Account 2
3 10 -may 2023 Get Cookies of Netflix Account 3

There are a lot of sites providing fake Netflix cookies and wasting peoples time. But I am providing my own Netflix accounts cookies, so I have to pay for them by myself. I Believe in honesty and tell you the truth, and I am using linkvertise To earn some revenue. I Update Cookies in My Telegram Channel. Join Now To use all Netflix accounts cookies.

How to download it?

  1. Join Telegram and Find the latest Netflix cookies.
  2. Download the cookies and import them into your browser using cookies editor.
  3. If not working then comment in the Telegram post when I update.


Do not change the password, Do not Change the profile Username. Do not click on sign out.

If someone clicks on the sign-out, then other logged-in users also get signed out. So keep in mind.

If any cookie is not working -Please comment in the telegram Post. I will update it.

Related Problems :

You may face ” Netflix too many people are using your account”, In that case, you can try another cookie or wait for another day to get cookies updated.

You can join My Discord Channel and watch movies together; that will be more fun, though. I will try to get more Netflix account as soon as possible. It requires a phone number to register and verify a Netflix account. I have only 3 phone working number so that’s why it’s the limited account I can provide only.