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Message On WhatsApp Without Saving Number Directly

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Message On WhatsApp Without Saving Number Directly

From this page, you can directly send messages to anyone on WhatsApp without saving numbers (unsaved Numbers) or adding to contacts directly.

You can bookmark or save this page on your mobile home screen so that you can directly visit this page and chat with unsaved numbers.

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Please select the country of the number (It will automatically select the Country code).
  2. Now put the number in the blank box you want to chat with
  3. Then click on the send option below.
  4. It will redirect to select WhatsApp App.
  5. That’s it, Now chat on WhatsApp with the unsaved number.

Watch the tutorial video in Hindi language (English Subtitle):

For more tricks visit

Select country
It will automatically select the country code.



Note- If you are using WhatsApp web you can still send a message to an unknown unsaved number in WhatsApp .Just visit this page and follow the above steps.

Do not forget to bookmark this page and share it with your friends. Let them know this trick too.

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