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Install Android Emulator For PC (Windows ) -Full Guide

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Install Android Emulator For Windows PC

So Today, I Will tell you How you can install an Android Emulator for Pc (Windows ). You can also install an Android Emulator on Mac and Linux Too. You can play an android game like free fire, cod mobile, and android apps like WhatsApp on pc.

You can also run a real social media android app on pc by using an Android Emulator. Heavy android FPS(First Person Shooter) games are hard to play on android phones it’s laggy sometimes, the frame per second (FPS) is very low in mobile, and due to a lot of playing games on the phone, Your phone starts to heat up.

So you avoid all these issues if you play android games on pc. Let me tell you the main advantage. It is effortless to control and play on pc, due to mouse and keyboard, You can dominate all the phone players while playing on an android emulator.

If you use an android emulator, It uses your dedicated graphics card for the heave games like PUBG mobile or COD Mobile. 

There will be no heating issue; you can play the same android with High Resolution, with 60 FPS smooth gameplay. You can use HDR mode on an android emulator.

So there are a lot of advantages using an Android emulator. You can install any app from google play store like your phone and run it on your pc.


What exactly is an Android Emulator?

If I say in simple words, It is a type of software designed for Computer users, With the help of which they can run android apps and games with the “.APK” extensions. The computer reads only “.exe “files, So to run “.Apk “Files, it requires an Emulator, which again run APK Files inside it.

I hope you have the idea of an android emulator now. Now you may be thinking where to download an Android Emulator, Do not worry!

Download and install

Well, there are a lot of Android Emulator out there on the internet. But need to download the best one; all android Emulators are mostly free but come with a lot of advertisement inside it. 

So I will tell you some of the best Android Emulators You can Download and use in your pc.

1.Nox Player

It is one of the best Android Emulators available on the market. Today, you can download from the official website, and you can play all games and run all apps without any issue, I have personally tested this player. 

Go to the official website of Nox Player And Download the setup file For your Pc. Just install it and Wait for a few minutes, that’s it. You can adjust the screen resolutions from the settings.

There are a lot of tutorials available on the official site of the Nox player. You can watch it to know it for better use. 

For the Best performance, You can allow Nox player 4GB ram and 2 Core CPU usage. You can play any game smoothly. 


Blue stacks are the oldest and most downloaded Android Emulator available on the internet. You can download it from the official site here.

Now let me tell you my opinion about it. It Is the best Android Emulator when it comes to run Android Apps. 

Specifically, if you want to play Heavy Games like PUBG, Free Fire, COD, it has some lagging issue. 

If you still want to use it, you can install it. There are some ads also there in this Emulator. 

So You can still try this Emulator.

3.LD Player 

I was using this Ld player for PUBG Mobile; this is the best Android Emulator specifically for playing games. The smoothness is better than any other emulator, it give 60+ fps in HDR mode on 2k and 4k resolution. What else you want from an emulator, No lag at all. Most of the youtube streamers use Ld player for pubg mobile.

You do not need to keymap at all on any games; when you install any game, it will automatically set the keymap for you. It is even better than the game loop.

The main reason I installed this Ld player is , there was a Chinese program always running in the background after installing the game. When I uninstalled this ld player, That program was still running. I tried to delete it, but it won’t get deleted; I had to reset my pc for this.

Although I did not notice any harmful activity by ld player on my pc, But I still felt something fishy . so I am not using this ld player.

If you want to download and install this Android Emulator, you can download it from the official site.

4.Memu Play

 MemuPlay is the Android Emulator that i have installed in my Pc right no, No issue, Not a single problem. In my opinion, this is the best Emulator. It has the same features as above all Emulator. You can easily download and set up this player on your pc, and you can quickly transfer files from your pc and this Emulator by drag and drop method. 

You can directly install the Apk file from your pc. Very simple. The only thing that bothers me is some promotional apps appear on this Emulator, I mean otherwise, it is the best.

I tried every favorite game in this Emulator, and it is working fine. This Emulator is also pre-rooted. You can also use Superuser, Install Xposed, even Magisk.

I loved it personally. I have installed jio tv, Airtel tv and other 3rdparty free Movies and live tv apps, and it is working fine for me. I also installed Instagram and whatsapp in it.

I allowed this Emulator 3GB ram and it is giving the best performance.

You can download this Android Emulator from the official site here. 

These are the leading 4 Android Emulators I have used and personally tested; I recommend you download and install any of these 4 to experience smooth android experience on your pc.