Free VPN ,Unlimited For PC Windows Users (2020)


There are several Free VPN available for PC Windows users which gives you a lot of servers but very slow. But I will tell you the best free VPN Unlimited Usage. You can use this to watch Netflix, amazon prime video, any streaming site or you can use VPN on your gaming if you are getting any kind of ping issue.

You already know about what is VPN, how it works, if not I have already posted an article about that you can check that out. As you know, there is a lot of free VPN available for PC on the internet, believe me, and you also know this they are not enough fast to watch an HD video online. Well, You are in now testedtrick. You will know the best free VPN.

What is Free Vpn?



Well, this sounds very lame if you are asking. If a VPN Application or service is free of cost to use by users, that’s called a free VPN. There is a lot of free VPN out there. You can just search on a search engine, and you will get the results. You can use it on your PC or smartphone mobile.

Problem Of Using Free VPN

  • Very very slow, when we use any free VPN apps or software.
  • Servers are limited; you can not change the IP address to all the countries.
  • Heavy server load, Due to a lot of users
  • There are a lot of advertisements inside.

Best Free Vpn For PC

Yes, ProtonVpn is one of the best VPN I have ever used. It is fast comparing to any other VPN. You can get all servers country-wise.i have tested on gaming and watching movies on streaming sites like Netflix and amazon prime video. Once my IP address was blocked by the GTA V Rockster servers back in the days, I used proton VPN, and I could play. And As compare to other VPN, the ping is low.

The thing is, it is free for seven days as a trial, and you can get the premium servers. But we can use This premium VPN for FREE and use as Unlimited and lifetime.



Follow the given steps below to get it. I am going to use protonvpn Application for this demo.

Got to the website of protonvpn

To get the free VPN, you need to go to the official website of protonvpn
Got to the website of protonvpn

Got to the website of protonvpn

Register an account with an Email

Sign up for an account. Choose a username and password using a temporary email address; You can get a lot of temporary emails providing websites. Just google it. Rember The username and password.
Free VPN ,Unlimited For PC Windows Users (2020)

Download the VPN client

Download the VPN client from the website .and install it.
Download (2)

Download (2)

Sign in using username and password

After installing the client, Sing in using the username and password that you provided during sign up. And there you go
sign in

sign in

Connect and select a server

After sign in, select any server from any country and click on connect. After connecting, you will see your IP address is changed.
To check, just search “What is my IP” on google.
So that’s it, You are now getting the high-speed VPN


Now Get The Unlimited Free VPN

To get Unlimited Times free VPN, just use another temporary email address and create another free account for seven days. Repeat the process to use as unlimited.
So I hope You like its article, How to get unlimited VPN for your PC free. You do not need to pay money for premium VPN. You can just use proton VPN and use it as unlimited by following the process.
On the upcoming articles, I tell you the best free VPN for your smartphone. There will be a lot of useful articles coming soon to make your life Easier.andq time saving valuable posts.


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