Top 5 Free Online Pc Games To Play With Friends

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Top 5 Free Online Pc Games To Play With Friends

If you are looking for free online pc games to play with friends and have fun, Then you are in the right place, my friend! I will tell you some of the best world-class and battle royale games You can download and Play for free.

I know you are getting bored in this period of lockdown, and Therefore we can spend a little time with friends by playing games with them. There are absolutely FREE Games In many Game stores You can play with your friends or with an online squad, Even if you do not have friends to play with you.

I will tell you the Best and Most popular Online multi Player Games for your pc, Before that I want to tell you that, I have posted an article earlier “How to Get paid Games like GTA V for Free ” If you have any interest in getting Premium and Paid games Keys and Free Giveaways I Suggest you Check that article too.

Here are some popular free online pc games to play with friends :Fortnite


This is the second most downloaded Battle Royle game in the world after PUBG. The best thing about this game is it is absolutely free to get this game. This is one of the free online pc games to play with friends .

Fortnite is not the same as PUBG but the concept of battle royale is the same, it has some extra fun features which is not in the PUBG. The one thing you have to keep in mind that it is not popular in INDIA as it is in other countries like the USA, UK, Australia

There are 3 different Modes to play in this game, Either you can play single player, or Duo players Or You can play with 4 players as a Squad.

Fortnite - Free Battle Royale Game

Fortnite – Free Battle Royale Game

How to Download Fortnite?

Yeah! To download Fortnite you have to register an account on the Epic Games official website, After creating an account on the website you need to scroll down the homepage of epic games and find the Fortnite game, You will see it is free to download and play.

You just have to click on the game to claim on your account.

After that you need to download epic games launcher to download games from epic games, Although Fortnite is free you still need to download the launcher to download all the data files of the game.

It is very easy to download though, You can download the launcher from the homepage of the official site of epic games.

After downloading the launcher, install it and sign in with your registered email or username, then Go to the library, You will see Fortnite. Click on that to install. it will be downloaded . and after that, you can play.

Apex Legend -Free Battle Royale Game

Apex legend is now a day getting very popular, Big streamers like a shroud, Dr. Disrespect playing these games insanely awesome, They loved it, It is also a Battle royal game like pubg and Fornite, And again different from both if we compare features.

It is a very very fast game and smooth, well-optimized game to play with friends. The one thing I will say is that you can only play with your two friends,

The squad slots complete with only 3 players, But worth playing.

Apex Legend

How to download and play Apex legend?

Well, you need to create an account on Origin to get it for free, Origin is also a game selling website. You will find most games of EA Games in origin.To download,

As I said you have to create an account, then Download Origin Launcher, and you have to find this game which will be on the homepage,

You can directly download it with the help of the origin launcher.

Call of Duty: Warzone -Free Battle Royale Game

Call of duty Warzone is released in 2020, Best graphics battle royale game I have ever played for free. Although the call of duty is entirely not free, If you want to play the main game wich contains missions and other events you have to pay, But IF you only want to play warzone then it is entirely free, You do not need to pay at all.

Just download the game and play with your friends, it is as much fun as other battle royale game, it has its own charm, you will see the smooth gameplay while playing this game.

If you have a higher graphics card like Graphics card, You can play in ultra Graphics, You will be amazed to see the graphics quality of this game, It has the best graphics then any other game in my opinion.

How to download call of duty warzone?

You can download from the official site of call of duty, click here to direct download page.

It is also available for PS4 and Xbox one if you have any console, You can also download for free.

After Clicking on the Play for Free button on the homepage, It will ask you to download the launcher, Just create an account and download from the official page it is easy.

Call of Duty Warzone -Free Battle Royale Game

Call of Duty Warzone

Counter strike global offensive-CS: GO

Well, this game is very old and very addictive, Now it’s free to download and play only on Steam, You can create an account on Steam and Download for free.

This is one of the top 3 Online Multiplayer games in the world right now. There are many online gaming communities of CSGO which Host competitive match.

you can also make a career on CSGO game, There are players on CSGO who are making MILLIONS in-game .

Everyone can play this game it is a First-Person Shooting game, Once you really like playing this game, You won’t leave this game, It is that kind of addictive game,

It is one of the worldwide famous games. You can develop a serious gaming Skill while playing this game.

If you get better in this CSGO game, Trust me you can be dominant in other games, It will be easy for you to play other games after playing this game.

There is a reason people practice this game for a lot of time, they practice to obtain muscle memory, The gaming skill. You need to play constantly to play this game as a dominant player.

There are millions of players online every time in this game.

How to Download CS: GO?

First of All, you need to create an account on Steam, then you have to find the game on the Steam store, you will see it is free to play.

Just Download Steam launcher from the official site, then Sign in with your account and Add this game to your library and you can download this game.

Counter strike global offensive-CS GO

Valorant – Free Online Multiplayer Game

Valorant is the latest FREE Fps Multiplayer online game, People say it is a CSGO killer, Because it is almost the same as a CSGo game, Except it has more features then CSGO. This is the latest game and the players are increasing in valiant because it is very optimized and smooth to play.

Sometimes I think this game is a Mixture of CSGO and Rainbo Six Seige because the game concept is entirely and exactly like CSGO. But the features like every player has to choose different operators to play, And each operator has a different attack or defensive abilities like rainbow six Seige.

So it is very interesting and fun playing this game, you can enjoy even more playing with your friends . Give this game some time and you will see the charm of this game it will make you addictive too



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How to Download valiant?

Well, as I said it is also free to play, You can directly download from the official site of this game, Click here to visit.

Create an account and download the launcher, Sign in the launcher and you will be able to download this game.

Well, Friends, these are the top 5 games which are worldwide popular, and millions of players active every time. And the main thing is these games are totally Free to play, You can play solo and you can also play with friends together.

If you are getting bored in this lockdown, Try to play any one of these games, It will be very much fun.

So I hope you like my article.