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How To Get FREE OneDrive Unlimited Cloud Storage ?

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onedrive unlimited cloud storage

I will guide you on how I got Onedrive cloud storage unlimited for free from Microsoft so that you do not need any other site to store your big files! You can also share links of your files with anyone, They can download with high speed! You can also use this trick to provide download links to your websites or blogs.

What is OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage solution for Windows, iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows Phone devices. Using OneDrive, you can share files across all your devices. The main benefit of using it is that you can access all your files from any internet-connected device. For example, you can access your personal OneDrive from the web browser of your PC.

If you are a Windows Phone user, you can access your files from your phone as well. Also, if you use a Windows PC, you can access your files from your phone as well. The best part about using OneDrive cloud storage is that you don’t have to rely on the Wi-Fi network when you are accessing your files. You can connect to the OneDrive website via your mobile browser, so all the files and folders are automatically synced.

Who can use OneDrive?

You can use OneDrive regardless of your role at work or what operating system you use. OneDrive works the same way on Mac and Windows as well. In order to use it on Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and OS X, you will need to be running a full version of Windows 10.

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How can I sign up for Microsoft OneDrive?

If you are a Windows Phone user, then you can simply head to the Windows Store on your mobile device and download the Microsoft OneDrive app. The app is available for both free as well as the paid version, which offers additional features such as faster syncing, desktop sync, and additional backup options.

On a Mac or a Windows PC, you can head to the Microsoft OneDrive website, sign up and sync your files. If you want to sync multiple devices, you can sign up for an account and make one device your primary OneDrive.

Using Microsoft OneDrive on Android You can also get the OneDrive app on Android by heading to Google Play and downloading the OneDrive app. Once installed, you can log in to your account and see all the files in your OneDrive. You can download and share files as well, but if you want, you can also access your files on your Android device from your PC. You can also share your documents with anyone using the OneDrive website, which is available for all the major platforms.

On OS X, you can head to the App Store and download the OneDrive app. The app will let you see all the files in your OneDrive. You can download and share files as well. You can also sync any files across all the devices that you are signed in to OneDrive with. The best part about using OneDrive on OS X is that you don’t have to use a browser to access your files. The OS X OneDrive app lets you access your files from the web browser, which means you can access your files from anywhere in the world without using a local copy of the file.

Unlimited OneDrive Cloud Storage

How To Get FREE OneDrive Unlimited Cloud Storage

it is free and available for all Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users. for Free users, you can only get 5 GB of Storage, where Google drive gives you 15GB of free storage for every account. But what if tell you that you can get unlimited cloud storage.

Here is how you can get unlimited OneDrive cloud storage For Free:

    1. Create a Temporary Mail-In these Sites – link 1, Link 2. ( If some Email not working, Change the Extension .)
    2. Try To Use a VPN For This.
    3. Now Go to the Microsoft Education Page, And Register With these Temporary Email.
    4. You will get an OTP code, Just verify it and Sign up as Student Or Teacher.
    5. Now go to the dashboard and you will see one drive Either You Will Get 5 TB /Or Unlimited Depending on your Luck Or Location! ( Have No idea man! )
    6. Just save the temporary email and your password and login into your phone or Pc’s one drive to check!
    7. Use this Trick only to share big files.

What not to Do?

Do not store your Personal Files, Better Use Google Drive, But If you want to cloud Storage just to share big files With friends or You need to share something on your website, Blog, anywhere with a high-speed link then this is for you!

This is tested by me today, and it’s working. (2 March 2021 )

These emails may get blocked by Microsoft in the future, just try to change the Email Extension and Use any VPN.

So anyway, so I hope you guys like this article, I hope you find it helpful. We share only 100% Tested tricks in this blog that actually works! So keep visiting for more! and if you can just share with your friends about this blog! Thanks! 🙂