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Get Free Games For PC To Play- (2021) Paid Games Keys Giveaways

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Free Premium Paid Games

If you are looking for HOW TO GET FREE GAMES FOR PC, You are at the right place. I got GTA V, Watch Dog 2, World War Z, The division Etc, etc for free legally. I will show you Screenshot proofs.

I got many premium games for free each game cost more than 1500 INR. I will tell you how I got these paid And premium pc games for free.

If you are a pc gamer you must have a Steam account. Steam is one of the best places to buy games. But how to Get paid Games Like GTA V for Free and Legally? Sounds Stupid right!

Now let me tell you that there are a lot of websites which giveaways PAID games For free, You have to Wait for the right time to get the key. I will tell you some websites and Show you how you can get premium games for free.

First thing first, there is a website called Epic games. This is a game store like Steam or origin. You can also purchase  Paid games with great deals.

Now here is the thing, This website EpicGames Giveaway 2 games for free every week. So that you have to keep visiting this site to claim free games. I got WorldWarz and Gta 5 keys from Epic Games for Free In EpicGames.

Pc Games for Keys for Free Giveaways

Pc Games for Keys for Free Giveaways

You can see in this screenshot I got a lot of games for Free. You can see the transaction here Zero Dollar. I got Grand theft auto V, Just cause 4, World war Z, Watchdogs, Alto, Ark Survival, etc etc

You can also get free games on this website, You just need to create an Account and visit there and claim free games.

Follow the steps to get

Free Games On Epic Games Store

Visit The official website of epic games . and create an account or you can sign in with your Social account to login to the official site of Epic games.

Epicgames Sign up for Free games for Pc

Epic games Sign up for Free games for Pc



Sign in Epicgames Website

Sign in Epicgames Website

After Sign in you have to scroll down below a little and You have to find Free Games Section, this page gets updated every week, You will find More and more Free Games per Week , So you have to keep visiting this website to get Free games, I got all the games from here. 

claim Free games on EpicGames

claim Free games on EpicGames

Select the Free games to get, You will get the games for Free in your account, You can go to the settings then check transaction to check. Also, you will get the free transaction receipt on your registered email address.

let me show you the receipt of GTA V, I got this game on May 2020 for Free.

Grand Theft Auto V For Free Receipt

Grand Theft Auto V For Free Receipt

You can see in the receipt I got in my mail, It cost me Zero Doller means absolutely free. You just have to wait and Keep visiting the Website to get free games from Epic games.

After getting the Free Games on Epic games, How to Install it?

To Install the game , you need to download epic games Launcher, you can directly download the launcher from the official site. You have to click on Get epic games option and it will automatically start downloading.

After Downloading, You have to install it and Sign in with your Account.

Install the epicGames launcher

Install the epic games launcher

After sign in, you have to click on Library, And you can see your claimed Free games from Epic Games. Now select the game and select a path to install the game. It’s very easy.

Epic Games Library ,

Epic Games Library,

So this is how you can get Premium Free games from Epic Games Store. You need to keep visiting their Website to get Free games on every Week.

So beside Epic games there are other ways too to get Free games , I have mentioned below , If you want Free Games then You can check These out !

Get Free Games Giveaways on GamerPower

This website host many Giveayawys  , You can visit this site and Get many games for free . If you visit now you will see which games are free to get right now . So its a great deal for Gamers . You can visit every day to see the available giveaways, You can claim your favourite games .

click here to visit the official site of GamerPower

Free Games Gamepower

Free Games Gamepower

IGN Giveaways

IGN Hosts Paid And Premium Giveaways , It Provides  you paid games for free to download and play . If you join their membership you will get more benefits from ign . it provides you direct Steam and other game stores key so that you can directly download legally from the official sites of game stores  .

Here is the Link of IGN Giveaway page , you can check , It Host giveaways Every month , So do not be late to get Free games from IGN .

Free games Giveaways from IGN

Free games Giveaways from IGN