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Get Fastest FREE VPN for Pc (Windows,Mac) & Android ,iOS Devices [Without Ads]

Fast Free Vpn For PC

Know how to get the fastest free Vpn for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android phones, iOS (iPhones)  without any ads. I will show you step by step download and installing process, you can use this VPN for unlimited times.

You can use it for downloading, streaming, torrent, etc. It is very fast to use on both android and your PC Computer.  There are a lot of VPN Apps out there on the internet, Some are free and some are premium means you have to pay to use their VPN services.

The main issue with using a free VPN is it is very slow. there are hundreds of free VPN app on the Android App store but let me tell you all these are full of takes a lot of time to connect and there are irritating advertisements that will force you to uninstall the app .which is not a good experience while browsing on the internet

The same issue with pc Also, there are a lot of VPN services but a limited amount of Applications are free for pc users. it is not like an android. PC requires heavy internet usage. If someone wants a good Vpn experience while using Pc it has to be a premium VPN application.

What I am trying to say is for pc you need paid VPN services to get a good high-speed fast VPN, But as I said earlier, I will tell you the best way to get a premium VPN for Free.

Yes! Premium VPN for Both PC And Smartphone and you can get an ultrafast High-Speed VPN for absolutely Free.

You can get this Free premium VPN on Windows, Android, Ios, Mac, and Linux Devices.

Follow the below steps to Get a Premium High-speed VPN for free.

FREE VPN FOR PC AND SMARTPHONES ( Windows, Android, IOS, Mac, Linux)

First You have to visit the official site of protonvpn , Then you have to sing up an account there.

Go to your browser and type on your URL and you will visit the official site, now as you can see the screenshot below, click on the sign-up button to create an account on protonvpn .

FREE Premium Vpn – Step 1

After clicking on the sing up button it will ask you to select a plan , Now you have to click on FREE Plan. Click on that and proceed.

FREE Premium Vpn - Step 2

FREE Premium Vpn – Step 2

After that, You are now able to create an account for proton VPN, Nowhere put a unique and easy username so that you can remember, Put a password, and you can now put a TEMPORARY Email Address.

Remember Not all temporary email address Works here, Protonvpn blocked may temp mail Services, So that you have to find a temporary email providing services which are working in this site.

Right now I am using boximail temporary mail to create an account, It is working in the protonvpn, It may get blocked later if many people use it.

So you have to search a temporary mail provider manually on google and you can check it here if It is working or not, it is working then Bookmark that temp mail website so that you can create multiple accounts in protonvpn for multiple creations of accounts.

FREE Premium Vpn - Step 3

FREE Premium Vpn – Step 3

After Putting temporary mail, Now you have to verify your account by sending a code to your email address.

Click on the Send button to send code to your temp mail, If it is not working or getting a sending error, find another Temporary mail address and use it.

As you can see below in the screenshot , I got a code from protonvpn , you have to copy the code and put it in the verification section.

FREE Premium Vpn - Get the verification code

FREE Premium Vpn – Get the verification code

After Putting the 6 digit code your account will be verified.

FREE Premium Vpn - put the code

FREE Premium Vpn – put the code

Now the last step, After creating an account  You have to download the client or app on your device. If you are using Android Phone click on android, if you’re using Windows you have to click on windows Download, likewise, click on IOS or MAC OS or Linux.

FREE Premium Vpn - Download the Client or App for your Devices Windows, Android ,Ios , Linux

FREE Premium Vpn – Download the Client or App for your Devices Windows, Android, Ios, Linux

After downloading and installing the App you need to put the username and password and log in.

FREE Premium Vpn Login

FREE Premium Vpn Login

After login, you can see that you can get the All premium VPN SERVER for Free for 7 days as a trail.

TO GET UNLIMITED PREMIUM VPN SERVERS FOR FREE, You can use Fake Emails or temporary emails to create unlimited accounts and Get unlimited times to access to the premium VPN SERVERS Absolutely for free.

It takes hardly 2 minutes to create an account, So you have to create an account on every week to get unlimited premium VPN Services by protonvpn.

FREE Premium Vpn 7 days Trail

FREE Premium Vpn 7 days Trail

Skip it and you are now able to connect any server Vpn server.



Select any country to connect and enjoy the high-speed VPN.

I have a 100mbps internet connection and I have tested this VPN, let me show you the Screenshot of downloading speed using this VPN.

FREE Premium VPN - High Speed very fast

FREE Premium VPN – High Speed very fast

You can see it, the speed is Amazing. It is better then any other premium paid Vpn. It is very easy to download, install, and connect .

Install ProtonVpn  Phones (Android, iOs)

Just create an Account on the protonvpn website , And download its official App from the Playstore or Apple store according to your phone.

Just use the username and password that you have created on the website. You will be logged into the app and you can connect any Server. And Enjoy the VPN for free.


By this method, you can get the fastest And High-Speed VPN for Free as I showed you step by step. just follow the Above Method and Try. The best thing about this VPN is there is no Advertisement in this app. very optimized app and a Good looking user interface which is easy to use.

I hope you will like this article, share it with your friends if you find this article helpful.