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Facebook Data Breach 2021 – How To Check IF Your Email And Password Leaked ?

Facebook Data Breach 2021 - How To Check IF Your Email And Password Leaked ?

Facebook data breach 2021 – the king of social media got hacked now. The report says In April 2021, a large data set of over 500 million Facebook users was made freely available for download.

Encompassing approximately 20% of Facebook’s subscribers, the data was allegedly obtained by exploiting a vulnerability Facebook advises they rectified in August 2019. The primary value of the data is the association of phone numbers to identities; whilst each record included a phone, only 2.5 million contained an email address. Most records contained names and genders with many also including dates of birth, location, relationship status and employer.

What is Haveibeenpawned Website?

Haveibeenpawned is a website that allows users to check if their email address or password has been leaked online or not. It has almost all the recent data breaches information.

Recently half a billion Facebook account got leaked online internet.

So, Here is how you can check if your email and password is leaked online or not :

  1. Go to the official site of Haveibeenpawned(
  2. Now Put your Facebook email address or password to check if you think it leaked online.
  3. Now Click on the Pawned option to check.
  4. Haveibeenpawned has a Large database of most recent data breaches.
  5. It will check and tell you if your information is leaked or not.
  6. If your information leaked it will tell you when it got leaked and in which data breaches.
  7. So if your information leaked, You need to change your password immediately.
  8. Enable 2 Step verification to tighten your login security.

Here is a Video Guide To Check :

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