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LINKVERTISE- Earn Money Online From Home Instantly

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LINKVERTISE- Earn Money Online From Home Instantly

Know-How to EARN MONEY ONLINE FROM HOME with LINKVERTISE. It pays very high .20$ per 1000 views. Just share links and earn big bucks.

Linkvertise – Full Guide

So here I am going to tell you how to use Linkvertise, a full guide with step by step to help you earn money online instantly


What is Linkvertise?

Linkvertise is basically a link shortener website and with the help of which, you can monetize any URL and earn money online easily.

Say, If you have a URL of Anykind of downloadable content or any link that you want to share with people. You can share through Linkvertise. You can monetize that URL in Linkvertise and create a new link in Linkvertise. Then you can share the link (which is created in Linkvertise ) with your friends.

So if a visitor wants to get your original link, He has to go through Linkvertise Ads. Then He can get your provided downloadable content or any original content.

So Linkvertise comes in between your Original link and your visitor who want to access your content, and Linkvertise staying in the middle shows some own ads to the visitors as some tasks to complete.

After completing some tasks of linkvertise, Visitors can access the content.

Linkvertise pays money to its publishers for the revenue generated from the advertisements (ads ). So this is how the whole system works.

How much Linkvertise pays?

If you want to earn money online with a high payout then let me say this, Linkvertise pays the highest if you compare other link monetizer or link shorteners. It gives you 0.2$ per click or views means, 20 $ per 1000 Clicks or views. which is very high in the market right now.

Linkvertise pays through 4 methods; PayPal, Wire transfer, Local bank transfer and Check. You can choose any of this method to withdraw your earned money.

The minimum payout is 10$ though.

How to Sign up for Linkvertise?

  1. Click here to the original site of linkvertise. and bookmark this page for future use.
  2. Now Sign up with linkvertise. Give your username, valid email address and set a password for this.
  3. After sign up, You will see some unknown language, Just change it to English, You will see the option to change language in the top section.
  4. Or you can go to the settings which are on the left side of the dashboard, You will be able to change language, the Display or Username of Linkvertise, vat and currency.

How To Create Link In Linkvertise?

Create A Link In Linkvertise

1.Click on the Create a Link option on the top


Put the Target URL to Monetize

2.Put the Target URL or any link you have to Monetize and create a Link.


Give a Button to the linkvertise link

3.Here you can give any Button Name so that people can see


Set a Custom Url name to your linkvertise link

4.Here you can Set a Custom Url name to your linkvertise link relevant to your content


Give a Description to your linkvertise link you can give a Description of your Linkvertise link, There is also a search engine in the linkvertise system it works like google but inside this particular website, so that people can search their content. You can put a title to your link and description so that you can get more clicks.


Link is now created in Linkvertise

6. That’s it Your link is now Created in Linkvertise. Copy the link and share anywhere and you are all set to earn money just like this.

How to Check Earning?

Earning Proof Linkvertise

You can check your earnings balance from the linkvertise dashboard. You can also see the Clicks, Links and impressions.

How To set payment methods in linkvertise?

Linkvertise payment method

1.Go to the payouts options from the dashboard and scroll down below. To get payments from linkvertise, you will need to provide your information first.



Linkvertise payment option

2.After Giving information you have to select a payment option or method So that linkvertise can pay. I recommend using to use Paypal

How to withdraw payments?

Linkvertise withdraw payment

To withdraw payments from linkvertise, Just go to the payouts option from the dashboard. After that click the amount you want to withdraw from your earned money The minimum limit is 10$. You can also set an automatic withdrawal to your account.

So in this article, I covered how to earn money easily from home and instantly with the help of linkvertise. just sign up share links and make big bucks. No knowledge needed. If you have a youtube channel or website or if you have joined any kind of social group you can share your contents through linkvertise easily and make money right away.

I hope this article is very helpful to you. If you like this article then do not forget to share it with your friends. and bookmark our website for more tutorials and helpful articles.