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Guide To Check If Windows 10 Is Genuine / Original or Not !

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Check Windows 10 Genuine original Authenticity

Today I will guide you on how you can check if your Activated windows 10 is genuine /Original or not. if you are purchasing a pc with windows or Purchasing keys you need to check whether it is original or activated through a 3rd party service/software/activator.

Check Windows Activation Status :

If you want to know your windows is activated or not then follow the steps :

1. Go to the file manager, on the left side you will see this pc, Right-click on it and click on properties.

2. Here you can see the Windows Edition,  Your system Details, and Below you can see that If your Windows is activated or not.

How to check your Windows 10 Is Genuine /Original or not?

Windows can be activated in many ways. It may be pirated /Iligally activated / Activated using any 3rd party activation software, you never know. So it is very important to check the authenticity.

Follow the steps to check :

  1. Go to the search box, and search “Activation Settings“, Click on that.
  2. You can see your Windows Edition and How it is activated.
  3. If it is showing “Windows is activated with a digital licence linked to your Microsoft account” then your windows are Genuine /original.
  4. But if it shows” Windows is activated using your organization’s activation¬† Servicethen your Windows Product key is not original.
  5. To confirm, Run Windows Command Prompt as Administrator, and Type “slmgr /xpr“. It will show the Expiry date, If it shows permanently Activated, Then your Windows product key is 100 % Original, If it shows any expiry date then, know it is activated through third party service.

Here is a video guide :

Here are some screenshots :

Difference between Original /Genuine Windows key Vs pirated/3rd Party Activated Key

here you can see the difference between Original Vs 3rd party Activated Windows Key

Check Windows Original /Genuine /Authentic Key By seeing Expiry date

Here you can see the difference, If you run cmd as admin and type “slmgr /xpr” , You can see the Expiry date. If it is permanent, You are using a Genuine Windows Product Key, and If it is Showing an Expiry date, You are not using any genuinely Purchased Key.

I hope you have some idea How you can and validate the genuine Windows Product Key and check the Authenticity. You can check the Microsoft QnA Section. 

Any questions related to this Comment Down below. And do not forget to share with your friends who are using the Windows Operating system.

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