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7 Steps To Change Twitter Username [Latest]

Change Twitter Username

follow the steps to change Twitter username :

1.Go to and login with your current E-mail/Username/Number.

2.In On the homepage you will see the ‘more‘ option above the tweet. Click on that

3.After that you will see Settings and Privacy, Click on it.

4.After that you have to click on “Account Information”

5.Now it will ask you ur current twitter Account password to verify.Confirm it.

6. After that you can see the username option. Click on it and change whatever name u want to give.

7.Thats it, After changing the username just save it. And now your Twitter username is changed. Congrats!


So this is how you can change the Twitter username, I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any doubts regarding Twitter Setting feel free to comment down below.

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