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How To Buy Redmi Note 9 Pro /Max On Amazon Flash Sale

How To Buy Redmi Note 9 Pro Max On Amazon Flash Sale

I will tell you how you can get Redmi Note 9 Pro or Pro Max 100 % on Amazon Flash Sale, This is a very tricky thing when it comes to purchase something on flash sale so I will tell you to step by step process.

How to Buy Redmi Note 9 Pro/Max On Amazon Flash Sale (Updated )

Now follow the steps to add to the cart on amazon on the flash sale.

1. Download this Flash kart Chrome extension on your chrome browser.

Flash Kart Extension

Flash Kart Extension

2. Go to the Flash sale page Before the 30 Mins, Wait for the count down starts, log in your Amazon account First.

3. Click on the extension icon, and select your Phone variant and wait it will automatically take you to the Amazon Flash sale page.

4. Now you will see a notification below, it will tell you, before 3 minutes.

5. When the Flash Starts at 12:00 Noon It will automatically try to add into your cart.

6. Make Sure you have a First Internet Connection and your date and time of your Windows are correct.

7. You have to watch your cart, it will automatically add the Selected Redmi Note 9 pro variants in your cart

8. Proceed and buy.

Next Amazon Flash Sale Dates (Updates)

So before buying the Red Note 9 pros on amazon flash sale, you need to know the flash sale dates so that you can buy on that date. We will give you updates.

  • Redmi Note 9 Pro (Interstellar Black, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage) – 15 sept  @12PM
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro (Aurora Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) – 15 sept @12PM
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (Interstellar Black, 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage) -Now Available on store
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (Glacier White, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)-Now Available on Amazon Store

If you failed to add to cart or not working means and it says 100 % claimed that there might be a chance the people added the phone before you by using auto buy tools.

There are a lot of people also using auto buy tools. The phone stock is very limited, and because of that, you need to add to the cart as fast as possible when the flash sale starts.

You can use the extension above explained to add the phone in your cart before the flash sale. It worked for me, I personally used this extension to Get this phone.

Why do you need add to cart before Flash sale?

If you tried buying any phone on amazon flash sale, you might have faced this issue “100% Claimed ”

It means every unit of this phone were sold within a second.

The Reason for 100 % claimed on Amazon Flash Sale is that there are thousands of people waiting for this phone, and they click on add to cart on the first second when the flash sale Starts.

Or there may be some people cheating and using some kind of script to buy all units in once second.

At least, I hope you will get the red note 9 pros as quickly as possible. I hope you get the phone.

Before saying buy, I wanna say that if you are purchasing Redmi note 9 Pro Max or Redmi note pro, You need to buy a Premium Case.

Premium Case For Redmi Note 9 Pro (Max)

The reason I am telling you to buy a premium case for Redmi Note 9 Pro is, This phone is expensive for people like me. You need to protect this phone for long term use. You can use a flip cover for your Redmi note 9 pros. I ordered this premium cover, and it’s on the way.

I found the flip cover on amazon, and in my opinion, it is the best premium case for Redmi Note 9 Pro. There is a lot of cover and cases in stores, but they do not cover the phone entirely. So if you are a rough user, then maybe not for you; if you have a lot of money ..I mean XD.

I am not saying you have to buy this flip cover, and It is just my opinion you can buy a flip cover like this if you are purchasing Remi note 9 pro or Remi Note Pro Max.