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This Amazon Prime Video Trick Will Blow Your Mind

Amazon Prime Video

I am 100 % sure that you do not know this Amazon prime video secret, you can watch even more movies and Tv Shows, Web series then that are available on regular prime video.

For this secret trick, you need to a subscriber of amazon prime video otherwise what is the point of amazon prime video secret.

You can watch movies that are blocked in your country, that are not showing in your amazon prime video. You can watch other languages movies and shows, Web series too, So You just need to know how to Access these content in amazon prime video. Keep reading down below to know.

Before that those who are new to Amazon Prime video Or Want to Join then let me give you a small Introduction to Amazon Prime video First, After that, I will tell you the Amazing Secret Trick.

What is the amazon prime video?

It is a video-on-demand service on the internet. It provides original web series, Tv Series, and movies from all countries. It provides the latest movies and web series and tv shows at a very low price compare to Netflix or other websites.

Its service is almost available in all countries.

If you are going to take amazon prime video,  you get a free trial for 30 days. And you can see all the content within 30 days.

Amazon prime video plans

Amazon Prime subscriptions in India are very cheap. If you are taking it for one month, then you have to pay 129 rupees per month, And if you are taking yearly plans, then you have to pay 999 rupees per year. You can also check plans on their official site.

Amazon prime video app

This is not only available for desktop users but also for smartphone users. If you have an android device, you can search and download the app directly from the google play store.

Amazon prime video login

Many people are still confused about how to log in. Steps are given below to login

  1. To login, first, you have to go to the official website and enter your registered email address and password there. And then, you can see it directly on your desktop.
  2. For the smartphone, you have to download the app separately on your phone, and then you have to enter the same registered email address and password, then you can log in and watch movies and Tv shows.

Amazon prime video secret trick:

So as you know, it provides a lot of movies and tv shows. But you do not know one thing that if you have a Prime subscription and you are living in India or any country, and if you move to another country. Some more movies may be available.

It means there are a lot of movies and shows in the prime video, but not available for your country. If the content is invisible, you might think this is it; these are the only movies that are available on amazon prime video.

But the thing is there are a lot of movies, and tv shows you might want to watch on amazon prime video, which is available but invisible.

So I will tell you how you can watch more a lot of international movies and shows such as Korean movies, Thai movies, Hollywood movies, and shows.

Requirement :

#1.Pc To Watch

I tested this trick on mobile. It won’t work. It only works on pc: laptop, desktop.

#2. Amazon Prime Subscription

This trick required a subscription; if you are going to watch more movies on prime, then you need an Account first. If you Do not have any prime account, You can sign up for 30 days trial: free.

#3. VPN

We need a VPN Like NORD OR EXPRESS VPN; I mean fast VPN So that you can watch in High definition.

If you want a fast and free VPN for your pc, you can check it here.

Steps To Follow :

  1. First Connect Your VPN (Other Country Servers) Recommended: USA, United Kingdom Servers. Use a Dedicated I.P. DO NOT USE ANY PROXY.
  2. Make Sure you have a Prime subscription. Now Go to the main official website Do not log in to or 
  3. log in using your amazon prime registered email address and password.
  4. After login Select on All Button, Left Side of Search Box, scroll Down and Select the prime video option.
  5. After Selecting Prime Video, Search any Movie For Example: “Overboard ” On search box.
  6. After Searching, You will see the layout of amazon prime Video On the official website of Amazon.
  7. Now you will see a lot of movies and tv shows, and you can watch it directly on There are a lot of videos and shows you will notice, Which are not available on
  8. You can also Search thai movies or any other Korean shows.
  9. If you Disconnect the VPN, It will say these movies are not available in your country or region, So Before watching Prime movies on the official Site of Amazon, make sure your VPN is connected.

N.B.- I have Tested this trick using NORD VPN (Most recommended VPN ), I have no idea about other VPN If they provide Dedicated I.P. or Not. 

You can try using a free VPN; if not working, then you can get a FREE PREMIUM VPN FROM My Discord, I will share there. I have a lot of Premium Account. Just give a Message on the category on discord, and I will send you a premium account that’s it.


I hope you learned something new today about amazon prime video. how you can watch a lot more movies in amazon prime. Do not forget to share it with your friends.