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How to Block Spam Calls From Airtel (Activate Airtel DND)

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How To Activate Airtel DND, Complaint Online To Block Spam Calls

Today I will be telling you how to Activate Airtel DND( Do not disturb)  and register an Airtel DND Complaint Online to block spam calls.

What is Airtel DND Service?

It is a service that allows you to stop getting spam calls or block spam calls from airtel. I have noticed that the spam numbers are mostly 12+ digits number. And they call in working hours which is very irritating if you are at work. You can directly block these spam numbers from your phone but, how many numbers you can block manually on your phone? That is you can activate this service and stop getting calls from annoying spam numbers.

How to activate airtel Dnd?

  1.  Visit the dnd page of airtel. 
  2. After scrolling down you will see “Airtel prepaid and postpaid mobile customers can now register on our do not disturb list”
  3. Then click on the dnd click here button to register.
  4. Then you have to provide your airtel number. It will ask you to send an OTP.
  5. After that get wait some seconds to receive an OTP, then use it to verify.
  6. Now after that, you have to select all Commercial ads and click on submit.
  7. Now that’s it, You have successfully blocked Spam calls or Ad calls from airtel.

If you are still getting calls from the airtel number you can register a complaint by calling the customer care number 121.