BenQ EX3203R Review:Best 32 Inch ,144hz Gaming Monitor 1440p

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BenQ EX3203R 32 Inch ,144hz Gaming Monitor 1440p

One of the best 32 inches with 144hz refresh rate gaming monitor is BenQ ex3203r. It is a curved gaming monitor from BenQ with free Sync 2 and hdr 400. So I am writing a review on this gaming monitor after using two weeks, Read the full review article and know if you should buy this monitor or not.

Anyways, Welcome to, I am Guna, and I will be telling you the full detailed review on this gaming monitor.

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BenQ EX3203R

BenQ EX3203R

Panel size of BenQ ex3203r

The panel of this Gaming Monitor is 31.5 inches with a 16:9 ratio and runs at the 1440p resolution, so 2560 by 1440. It’s got AMD’s free sync two as well, which has some additional features over free sync, including hdr support, low framerate compensation or LFC, and lower input latency.

The panel also runs at 144hz with a 4ms gtg response time, so decent for gamers. Now that Nvidia is supporting adaptive sync, in theory, it should be possible to use an Nvidia graphics card and not have to tear; however, I believe you’ll need to stick to AMD graphics if you want to take advantage of free sync 2.

Testing With Nvidia RTX And AMD Graphics

I tried using an Nvidia RTX 2060 with the latest drivers on this BenQ ex3203r Gaming Monitor. Still, the Nvidia control panel told me it was not validated as g-sync compatible, which I believe means it may work, but results aren’t guaranteed. I was able to get it working, for the most part, any time I opened menu settings in overwatch though it would briefly black Screen, but no issues with the gameplay, and it was perfectly fine with AMD graphics.

Just to clarify, Nvidia graphics will work perfectly fine for everything else, but adaptive sync might be touchy in BenQ ex3203r Gaming Monitor. I noticed some ghosting with the ufo test, I’ve recorded this it at 180 fps and slowed it down.

Curved gaming monitor

Curved Gaming monitor -32 Inch ,144hz

Curved Gaming monitor -32 Inch,144hz

As you may have noticed, BenQ ex3203r also got a 1800r curve Gaming Monitor, which is somewhat noticeable, but after using it for a while, I did start to get used to it. This always happens when I swap to curved, I begin to prefer that the corners aren’t so far away, but it’s a personal preference.

Type of panel used in BenQ ex3203r

It’s also using a VA panel, and to me, the colours look great with excellent viewing angles, I couldn’t notice any changes even when looking at the Screen on sharp edges, and BenQ list that it’s capable of 178 degree viewing angles both vertically and horizontally. In terms of colour accuracy, the BenQ list that the panel offers 90% of DCI-p3 coverage.

Unfortunately, my spyder five software doesn’t test this, but we’re looking at 87% of sRGB, 61% of NTSC, and 65% of adobe RGB based on my measurements, so not great but I think acceptable for a gaming monitor. It’s got a peak brightness of 400 nits, although, in my testing, I was only getting to 356 in the centre with 100% brightness.

Contrast ratio of BenQ ex3203r Screen

Likewise, BenQ specifies a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and I saw 1490:1 at 100% brightness, higher than what we’d see from an IPS panel as this is a VA that is known for good blacks. If I manually maxed out the contrast on the monitor I was able to get a 407 nit brightness at 100% and a 1700:1 contrast ratio, I’m guessing that the results may be better in the hdr mode, but when using that manual controls are disabled, so I wasn’t able to test.

Contrast ratio of BenQ Gaming Monitor

Contrast ratio of BenQ Gaming Monitor

HDR Display in BenQ ex3203r for better image

This monitor is also VESA display 400 certified, so you are able to use it to view hdr content. In my testing, I did find hdr content to look better compared to SDR, but don’t expect anything unusual. In my opinion, hdr 400 is pretty low, I guess it’s better than not having it at all, but proper I wouldn’t be looking at this purely with hdr in mind.

Thin bezels

The bezels of BenQ ex3203r  are relatively thin too, at around 9mm around the sides and top based on my measurements, and then around 2.3cm down the bottom with a subtle BenQ logo in the centre. I’ve taken an extended exposure photo in a dark room as a worst-case backlight bleed test.

There did appear to be a bit of bleed or glow, which does seem to be more common in curved monitors, but I never noticed it during normal usage, and this will vary between panels.

Thin bezels of BenQ Gaming Monitor

Thin bezels of BenQ Gaming Monitor

Cable management in BenQ ex3203r

It’s not all just about the panel though; If you look at the rest of the monitor, it’s got a shiny silver plastic v shape stand with a hole in it for cable management. Overall the stand was solid enough, but there was some movement when bumping my desk hard.

I wasn’t able to remove the stand, but apparently, you can use a VESA wall mount transfer kit if you want to mount it. Otherwise, there’s no standard mount out of the box. The rest of the back is a matte silver on top and a textured black plastic towards the bottom, overall a reasonably professional look for a gaming monitor, no flashy RGB lighting, or anything like that.

Ports: Inputs and outputs in BenQ ex3203r

Inputs and outputs Port in BenQ

Inputs and outputs Port in BenQ

From left to right of BenQ ex3203r, there’s the power input, 3.5mm audio output, two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.4, two USB 3.1 gen one type-a port, and USB type-c port, which can also carry DisplayPort signal.

Otherwise, on the right or left when you’re sitting in front of the screen, there’s a Kensington lock.

Dedicated buttons

On the opposite side, there are six dedicated buttons for interacting with the on-screen display, as well as a power button on BenQ ex3203r. Overall I found the OSD pretty easy to navigate; I prefer having buttons underneath rather than around the back or a joystick.

Quick options for sharpness, contrast: Best for gamers

BenQ ex3203r gaming monitor has options for a picture in picture or picture by picture, the usual brightness, contrast, sharpness, and colour temperature options, low blue light options, and more. As for the included cables, you get an HDMI, full-size DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort, USB type-c, and 120-watt power brick and cable, so yeah, unfortunately, no internal power brick.

Height adjustments

Height adjustments in Benq Gaming monitor

Height adjustments in Benq Gaming monitor

There are only a couple of adjustments available in BenQ ex3203r, -5 to 15 degrees of tilt adjustment, and 0 to 60mm of height adjustment. Unfortunately, there’s no pivot or swivel available here. However, I think both of those adjustments are generally less useful for a curved monitor anyway.

Performance -1440p Display and 144hz refresh rate

So far, the BenQ ex3203r looks pretty good, but how was it to actually use day today? I’ve used a few 1440p 144hz gaming monitors now, and I think they’re a great sweet spot for many games as long as you’re graphics card is able to run at that resolution with decent frame rates.

After getting used to the curve Gaming monitor, I was finding that it does help in regards to immersion, and for gaming, I didn’t personally have any issues in terms of being able to see the pixels while sitting at my usual distance from the Screen, about 60cm or 23 inches away, and that’s after coming from my usual 32 inch 4k screen.

Console support

As for console support, basically, PlayStation and Xbox will work no problems in BenQ ex3203r, but I don’t think either support 1440p at 144hz, so you might not get what it’s capable of, I’m honestly not too sure when it comes to consoles so you’ll have to do your own research. I’ve also used the monitor to edit a few of my recent videos, and it’s worked well. Thirty-two inches is my usual size for video editing, but I usually have a flat 4k screen.

While I still personally prefer 4k for that type of work, I had no issues using this BenQ ex3203r Gaming Monitor, which is honestly a better option if you do both a mixture of content creation and gaming as you get that 144hz refresh rate with free sync. For updated pricing, check the links in the description, as prices will change over time.

Price of BenQ ex3203r in India and other countries

At the time of posting this article, the price of the BenQ ex3203r gaming monitor in India ₹ 44,990.00 on amazon. In it’s going for around $600 USD on amazon or $750 AUD here in Australia.

At last,

So what did you guys think about the ex3203r gaming monitor from BenQ? I’ve been using it for weeks now and haven’t had any major problems worth calling out, there were a few small things as discussed like ghosting and bleed, but I didn’t find these severe.

Overall the Screen looked great and offered a smooth experience with that combination of high refresh rate and free sync 2.

The curve is going to come down to personal preference, every time I swap over to one of these for testing initially it feels a bit weird, but I get used to it pretty quick. I end up noticing that it’s more helpful to have the far corners closer to me compared to a flat-screen, especially with a larger 32″ screen like this.

After I swap back to a flat one, the corners always feel out of reach, that’s the best I can describe it. Otherwise, the VA panel performed well in games; 144hz at 1440p is a pretty nice place to be if you’ve got the GPU power behind it especially combined with free sync, and adaptive sync also seemed usable with Nvidia graphics.

I wouldn’t be getting it solely for her, but I guess the option’s there and it does make hdr content look a little better. Let me know what you thought of BenQ’s ex3203r gaming monitor down in the comments, share with your friends if you found this article helpful.